Legal action for debt recovery

When phone calls and meetings haven’t produced the result you need, Coast to Coast has the resources to take debt collection to a higher level – legal proceedings.

Members of NZIPI – the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators

You’re in control

To keep our service cost-effective, we use legal debt collection tools judiciously. You will always be consulted before any legal action takes place, so that you understand the costs involved. The legal team we work with share our mission to get a good result for you, as quickly and as discreetly as possible. Confidentiality is built into every aspect of our service.
Our professional surveillance team understands your need to get answers and the sensitivity of your circumstances.

Legal strategies that work

Our experience has taught us how best to approach legal action. Our legal team use a variety of tools – from a simple notice of claims through to filing for bankruptcy. Always we will ensure you’re 100% on board with our recommendation before any action is taken.

Cost effective

Approaching legal proceedings through Coast to Coast is likely to be significantly less expensive than working directly with a law firm. We’ll try to get a result in the shortest possible time, so that you’re not paying hours and hours of legal costs.