Farm animal valuation in NZ

For banks and finance companies working in the agribusiness sector, knowing the market value of farm animals is important for loan security – especially when international dairy prices are fluctuating from year to year.

It’s also important if money might need to be recovered from a farmer or herd owner.

Experienced Farm Animal Valuer

Richard Hoekstra, Managing Director of Coast to Coast Investigations, was a dairy farmer before he became a Licensed Private Investigator. He is supported by a team of
Licensed Investigators and Debt Collectors, most of whom are ex-Police, many with experience in the agriculture industry.

Farm Animal and Asset Services we can offer:

• Credit checks of farm owners and sharemilkers
• Fact checking, i.e. are stated stock numbers accurate? Are animals healthy?
• Accurate animal valuations for dairy cows, cattle, sheep, deer and any other type of farm animal
• Farm asset appraisals, i.e. what saleable assets are visible on the farm?
• Negotiation of debt recovery on your behalf, through valuation and repossession of farm animals and/or farm assets
• We also have our team of lawyers for all legal work from a letter of demand thru to bankruptcy

Talk to us about what you need

If you’re an agribusiness lender who needs a trusted alliance with an investigation and debt collection company that understands farming, talk to us.