We appreciate that dealing with family issues requires sensitivity and a gentle touch. We have a special team of investigators who provide this service. They are sensitive, caring and trained to guide you through what can be an emotionally difficult time.

Our team includes female investigators, as many women who are dealing with matrimonial and other family-related issues prefer to talk to a supportive and understanding woman.

The family-related services we provide include:

Matrimonial Issues

We provide a confidential service focusing on your objectives and keep you updated at every stage of the process.

Our professional surveillance team understands your need to get answers and the sensitivity of your circumstances.

We are always aware of the turmoil that you will have gone through to come to the decision to employ a matrimonial investigator to investigate your relationship, and always provide a sensitive and supportive service.

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Debt Collection

Collecting debts is often a difficult process, and it is made more complex when family is involved. We will work with you to reach your preferred outcomes. If necessary, we can also call on the expertise of our legal team. Read more

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