Eviction specialists

Evictions – also referred to as unlawful detainer actions are the process through which a tenant can be removed from either residential or commercial property for non-payment of rent or other specific reasons defined under NZ landlord/tenant laws.

We are dedicated to protecting every property owner’s rights under the law and helping them to successfully resolve their eviction case.

To learn more about eviction laws and your options, contact our experienced eviction team today.

Strategic Planning
We can assist you with the following:

• Non-Payment Proceedings
• Holdover Proceedings
• Lease Drafting and Negotiating
• Sub-leases and Assignments
• Orders to Show Cause & Other Motions
• Owner Occupancy Proceedings
• Breach of Contract/Lease Violations
• And much more

Landlord Consulting

Let us handle your eviction needs involving residential and commercial real estate and all aspects of landlord & tenant matters.

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