Debt Recovery

Overdue payments and unpaid invoices can have a serious impact on the cash flow of any business. We provide an efficient, confidential and professional debt collection service that’s focused on recovering your money at the earliest opportunity, without damaging your reputation in any way.

All types of debt

Coast to Coast is an experienced and successful debt collector, recovering consumer and commercial debt in New Zealand and overseas. Whether you’re owed a hundred or a million, it’s our business to get your debtor problem sorted. Unlike most debt collection agencies, our people are private investigators who operate discreetly to ensure the best-possible outcome without making waves.

Members of NZIPI – the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators

Collection strategies customised to each job

We collaborate with you to develop a unique strategy for each assignment. This is typically based on the size and age of the debt, the nature of the debtor and your preferred outcomes.

Our approach can range from level one (kid gloves) to level 10 (bankruptcy action). As a rule, we find that non-threatening person-to-person contact is far more successful than letters. Often a phone call or a chat is all that’s required.

Your debtors don’t want to be black-listed for failing to pay; when faced with the necessity to meet their debts, they usually oblige. At all times, we will operate in a manner that’s consistent with the values of your business and your immediate community.

Less cost than you expect

Our clients are pleasantly surprised by our approach to costing. Initially they think it will be more expensive to use private investigators for debt collection, but they soon realise that our service represents great value for money.

Legal action when required

In situations where a debtor is steadfastly refusing to pay, or even to negotiate payment arrangements, we can escalate our activities by calling on the expertise of our legal team.

Keeping you fully informed

We’ll discuss the strategy with you and provide regular progress updates. We’ll also keep you informed of any partial or staged repayment offers from the debtor, before accepting or declining on your behalf.

Letting you get on with your business

The often hidden impact of chasing bad debt is a drop in productivity for you and your staff. Stress, demotivation, distraction and down-time all combine to work against you. By handing your debt collection over to us, you’re free to focus on managing and growing your business. Call us today on 0064 800 463 578.