Covert Camera Operations

We have our own covert camera equipment to suit the situation that is causing you concern.

We install the equipment for the duration of the investigation and then remove it discreetly and without damage to your property or reputation.

Whether its thefts from your premises by staff or members of the public, trespassing or vandalism we have a discreet solution to identify who is costing you or your business valuable time and money.

In some circumstances a covert camera is not the only or best solution to detect the behaviour that is causing you concern. We can advise on the best course of action to either combat the undesirable behaviour or gather evidence for a prosecution.

All our covert installations are carried out by ex-Police Officers with a wealth of experience in the use of hidden equipment technologies. The most important issue when thinking about using covert cameras is to keep it to yourself and contact us immediately for professional advice.

Due to the expertise of our team, we have never had a hidden camera discovered.

Camera Systems Identify Intruders and Eliminate Staff Theft

Action Security & Access install both internal and external cameras, from cost-effective recording systems to the latest in high-end digital storage surveillance systems, including new Full High Definition (HD-SDI) packages. DVD recorders are available for areas requiring exceptionally high quality images.

Remote access is also possible, and as long as you have Broadband access you can view footage in real-time from any location in the world.

Equipment Hire

Action Security & Access can install a temporary Camera System in your Commercial premises, to catch offenders in a one off event, should this be needed.