Corporate Investigation Services

Coast to Coast works with corporate clients to investigate a wide range of wrong doing, whether committed by management, employees, or third parties. We have agents throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and internationally.

Alarms have evolved dramatically over the years, becoming both more efficient and far-reaching in their application, and also considerably more user-friendly.

Types of Corporate Investigation:

Member of NZIPI – the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators

Depending on what you’re looking to investigate within your business, an investigator will conduct one or multiple of these investigations:

Undercover Investigation:

By blending in with the company, an investigator can look into employee misconduct like theft, substance abuse, or harassment. Investigators will often use covert surveillance as a part of their inspection.

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Research Investigation:

Investigators can conduct research in order to find information about companies that you do business with for acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity, and investments. They can also perform in-depth employee background checks.

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Financial Investigation:

An investigator conducting a financial investigation can discover embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, and other white collar crime.

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Corruption Investigation:

An investigator looking for corruption can uncover bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage.

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Computer & Systems Investigation

Our team of IT experts can undertake investigations into your computers, tablets, phones and networks, whether to uncover cyber crime, improper dealing, recover lost (or password protected) items, gain access to locked systems or restore lost data.

We have access to a full forensic data recovery lab and can offer recovery success rates higher than is normally available in the civilian market place.
We can also advise on systems security and implement measures to secure your network from unwanted action.

Security Consultants

Our highly qualified team of professionals offer security consultancy in areas of assessment, security system design, crime prevention, adequacy of security analysis, security awareness, crowd control, and the development of security management training for organisational staff.

Our enviable range of specialist equipment includes long zoom lens cameras, top of the range digital photography kits, image intensifying equipment and undetectable high definition digital and video cameras that can be strategically placed and hidden inside everyday items.


We offer litigation support services – including scanning, OCR, coding and indexing, electronic discovery etc. We have a fully qualifie legal team ready to support your company covering all aspects of work, and can reproduce and store legal documents and case files.

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Covert Cameras

We install covert cameras for the duration of the investigation and then remove them discreetly and without damage to your property or reputation.

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Employment Checks

Our employment checks include scanning databases that are updated directly from the employer’s payroll records and/or direct verification from the employers.

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Global Agents
We offer these services in Australia, Pacific Islands and Globally.

Our key locations in Australia are:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Newcastle
  • Newcastle

We can also provide service in other Australia locations on request.

Other Countries
We have agents right around the world, price is upon request.

Gate Access Systems

Action Security & Access – Gate Access Systems allow you to identify visitors before allowing them to enter your property with an intercom and automatic gate system. A gate access system allows you to speak to the visitor and identify them before they can gain access to your property. Once you have spoken to them, you can remotely open the gate and then lock it again once they have entered. External intercom units are constructed of extremely sturdy and durable material making them virtually “vandalism proof”.

Automated Gate Opening

With a “Ground Loop” access system, the gates to your property will open automatically when activated by your fixed in-vehicle transmitter, so you don’t have to search for the remote control. Automated gate opening systems detect your car and open as you approach

Visual Intercom Systems

Action Security & Access – Also available is the option of a visual intercom, enabling you to identify visitors through a camera system.