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Coast to Coast Investigations started as a small family-run business but has grown to have agents throughout New Zealand, Australia the Pacific Islands and internationally. We are a growing force in the investigation sector and a force to be reckoned with.

Owned and operated by Richard and Robyn Hoekstra, the couple have more than 20 years’ business experience and a substantial community involvement. They can advise and tailor a security, legal or debt collection solution, whatever your needs.

The team at Coast to Coast includes professionals with Police and Military training, so you know that you don’t have to worry about your security.

All of our security people are vetted and cleared by Police, and are Fully Licensed.

We take your security seriously, so that you can be sure, you are looked after by the best.

Richard Hoekstra is a proud member of The NZIPI – New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators Inc. Being a member of NZIPI means that he is committed to providing the highest standards of professional behaviour ever.

Our Mission

“To provide our clients with the Highest level of professional protection/investigative services and security solutions in the most efficient and effective manner!”

“I give my personal guarantee" – Richard Hoekstra, Director

Service Locations

Coast to Coast Investigations Ltd has Licensed representation in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and Globally.

We are specialists in:
Debt Recovery
Process Serving
Missing person location

Phone 0800 463 578 nation-wide or +64 3 310 2242 internationally


We have Agents right around the world and price is upon request

Alarm Systems

We recommend and install security systems designed to accurately detect human beings. These highly advanced systems are able to recognise when movement is caused by other factors such as curtains moving or small animals passing, greatly decreasing the risk of false-alarm activations.

We tailor design a security system to meet your needs, whether it is using Pet Immune Detectors, Hardwired Smoke Detectors, Wireless devices, Communication Modules, or modifications and upgrades to your current system.

Monitoring of your Alarm can also be arranged by us, whether this is with a Monitoring Station, or upgrading your current Alarm with a new system that you can monitor yourself.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors (Fire Alarms) are a Council Requirement for all new homes, and we recommend these be hardwired into your Alarm System. Not only does this save you having to remember to replace Batteries, but this ensures nobody sleeps through a potential fire as the Sirens of the Alarm will sound.

Nobody can sleep through this.

Photoelectric Smoke Detectors are recommended by the NZ Fire Service as these have a sensing chamber which uses a beam of light and a light sensor. Smoke particles entering the chamber change the amount of light which reaches the sensor. The alarm sounds when the smoke density reaches a preset level.

Thermal and Heat Detectors

There has been a lot of advancement in the range of CCTV Systems available and technology is changing quickly.

Thermal and Heat Detectors can be installed in areas where Smoke Detectors are not suitable, such as a Garage or Workshop, Kitchen, or Hallway near a bathroom.

Service and Maintenance

Regular Service and Maintenance checks are recommended for both Residential and Business Security Alarms. Like a WOF for your car, these checks lessen the chances of false activations and costly after-hours callouts, and provide the opportunity to change your User Codes and review your overall security system.


Our Technicians can attend faults on practically any model of Security Alarm System, while our knowledgeable office staff are often able to talk you through simple trouble-shooting over the phone.

Intercom Systems

Whether you are looking for a new Intercom to replace one you have that is no longer working, or a new build, we have a range of Intercoms on offer.

An Intercom can be voice only (Audio) or video and voice (Video/Audio). We can also provide a Wifi Intercom that can be viewed from your Smart Phone.

Contact our Sales Team to find out more and arrange an obligation free quote.

Camera Systems

CCTV technology is rapidly evolving and advancing.

Action Security & Access pride ourselves with using top quality equipment in all CCTV installations, whether you are wanting Internal Cameras, or External; whether you want to view on a Monitor or on your Smart Phone; whether it is a new installation or a retro fit; we can help.

Auto Gates

Do you have an existing Gate that you would like us to automate? We can do this.

Do you need a new Gate and motor? We can do this too.

Our Engineer can create a Swing or Sliding Gate to your design, or to match the surroundings or existing Fencing, etc.

Using high quality Gate Motors to give you many years of trouble-free perimeter protection, give us a call so we can arrange an obligation free quote.